1 Shipping Policy

1.1 Delivery of products will be made during business hours at the delivery address specified by you at the time of order. The person receiving the products may be asked to inspect the products and acknowledge receipt of products after such inspection.

1.2 Time will not be an essence of any sale of products. We shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the products by any carrier. Delivery dates (if any) specified by us for delivery of products are intended to be an estimate only and time for delivery is not guaranteed. If no dates are specified, we will endeavor to deliver as soon as we can conveniently do so. We reserve the right to contact you and agree on alternate delivery timelines, if the delivery address is remote.

1.3 While we shall strive to ship all items in your order together, this may not always be possible due to product characteristics, or availability.  

1.4 We reserve the right to deliver the products by any route and procedure and by successive carriers and according to our own handling, storage, and transportation methods.

1.5 Title to Products: We retain the legal ownership of any products until the latter of the dispatch of the products to you or when full payment for the products is received by us. The legal ownership of the products will immediately revert to us if we refund any such payment to you.

1.6 Risk of loss to Products: You agree that no claim of any nature will lie against us for products lost in transit through whatever cause, including negligence, and any carrier of the products will be deemed to be your agent even where such carrier has been engaged by us.

1.7 Wrong Product: If you have received the wrong product, or less or more number of products than ordered, please contact us immediately (and no longer than 3 days of the date of delivery of your order) by email at contact@memorialstores.com and we will instruct you on the next steps.

1.8 If for any reason (not due to our fault) you do not accept delivery of the products then we may charge you fee to cover reasonable direct costs incurred by us as a result (including additional insurance, storage, delivery, or similar charges).